About Us

Together for a new world


Nadine Sandra Demez

I am the founder of "Children of the Sun - Casa del Corazón e.V.". My heart's desire is to give children worldwide a loving home in a safe environment.

So that they can develop freely and happily in their unique talent and simply be as they are in harmony with Mother Earth.

My mission in life is to connect people with themselves and with others. 

Since my healing experience on 11.11.11 the energy of Mars accompanies me more and more lovingly and it leads me again and again to wonderful power places worldwide (Peru, Hawaii, Brazil,..). Likewise I am connected with the Rishis and the palm leaves in India in a miraculous way. What makes me tick are travel, children, animals, nature and healing. All this I can wonderfully connect and live in my heart's vision "CHILDREN OF THE SUN - CASA DEL CORAZON" and for this I am infinitely grateful. ALOHA!

Stephanie Bunk

I am the founder of "In Harmony with Nature e.V.". Since 2013 I am connected with the Rishis and guided through the Indian palm leaves. When Nadine and I met in November 2020 it was immediately clear to us that we wanted to unite our two heart visions. The school initiative ANANDA, for the children of the new age was co-founded by me and is now working side by side with Nadine for the highest good of people, earth and nature. I am the initiator of Earth in Balance, a movement for worldwide change, now under the name Mother Earth in Harmony, serving "Children of the Sun - Casa del Corazón e.V." and "In Harmony with Nature e.V.".

Kristiana Gemisic

I am Kristiana Gemisic, educational specialist, and very grateful for the great cohesion and love I have experienced in my life.

I strongly believe in the "Butterfly Effect" - every action has a great impact.

What moves my heart is standing up together for people and oneself and living out caring and charity. I feel deep gratitude to support the non-profit organization "Children of the Sun - Casa del Corazon e. V.". May our actions bring about great things!

Maike Piel

As a passionate photographer, I love to travel and to experience nature and encounters with people in the most diverse places. To experience that we all have the same longings and needs and are connected in our humanity, that touches me again and again. That is why I am very grateful to be part of Children of the Sun.

It is my heart's desire to support a harmonious coexistence and the development of our potential on this earth with what makes me tick.

Diana Dörfl 

Already in the first conversation with Nadine, I was immediately touched and convinced by her motivation and heartfelt mission, which I gladly support.

As a founding member, travel mouse, long-time member of the children and youth hospice and graphic designer, I actively support the association with my talents and help where help is needed. 

I am very happy to be a part of this movement.


Lilian Villalba is our loving children's village mom in our children's village "Casa del Corazón" in Calca in the Sacred Valley in Peru. Lilian is the school director of the Peruvian educational institution Suizo de los Andes in Cusco. She is a facilitator and founder of the educational "Inner Self Program" based on "The School of the 7 Petals". She has been practicing Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Gnani (Knowledge Yoga) for over 35 years, as well as accompanying circle dances in her wonderful ashram in Calca. About our same heart goals - with enthusiasm - to provide children with a loving and peaceful home in harmony with nature and animals - we were brought together to combine our visions for the highest good of all.  

Gerber Jimenez - our heart friend - installs for and with us the water filters in poor neighborhoods around Calca and Cusco for our project "Fresh water for the children in Peru". We have already installed more than 12 water filters in local kindergartens, schools, hospitals. Since Gerber is Peruvian, he knows exactly where help is really needed and connects us with the locals.

Furthermore, Gerber is very familiar with all handicraft issues and supports us lovingly in the children's village with all janitor activities.