Casa del Corazon in Peru

We start in Peru in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The children's village consists of a kindergarten and later also an orphanage. The sacred mountain of the Incas Apu Pitusiray serves in the back as protection for the children and we are supplied with fresh spring water from high up in the mountains. 


The kindergarden is for children from poor and vulnerable families living high in the mountains, as well as orphans and children from violent families who need special protection. 

They get a warm meal every day and a lot of play, fun and love. It is important to us that they can develop happily and freely in their respective talents in harmony with nature.


The kindergarten consists of:

  • 3 kindergarden groups of 10 children each and 2 pedagogical professionals (experienced mama from Peru and international volunteer) who work together - for the well-being of the children aged 3, 4 and 5 years - to preserve their own indigenous tradition and culture.

Our team consists of: 

  • pedagogical professionals
  • psychologists
  • experienced house mothers
  • a children's village director
  • cooks
  • drivers
  • janitors on site
  • international volunteers


  • back to the origin - to the roots
  • back to simplicity
  • to let children develop freely in a safe and loving environment
  • support their unique talents
  • let them be and grow as they are
  • loving and mindful togetherness
  • meditation, prayer, faith, rituals, singing, dancing, painting, playing
  • appreciation and connection to nature, animals and all fellow human beings
  • supporting healthy natural nutrition 
  • School subject: happiness :)